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Welcome to the Law of Freedom website. This site was co-founded and is co-sponsored by Irvin Rookstool and Eldon Poisel.


Mission Statement

We are a group of individuals who believe there is a God who created all things. We believe this God is loving, just and perfect. This God once wrote Ten Principles on stone, which we believe are the world’s best set of guidelines for daily living. These Ten Principles are called the Ten Commandments. We believe the lives of people can be vastly improved by studying and understanding these commands. As people reflect personally on these Ten Commandments we believe they will discover the author of this document. We are convinced that understanding God’s Ten Commandments will ultimately lead individuals to know Him as a personal friend. We are convinced this is vitally important to every individual on planet earth. Therefore, as individuals we have chosen to present the full unaltered text of the Ten Commandments worldwide. As far as is humanly possible we commit ourselves to the mission of providing a copy of this vitally important document to every receptive person on planet earth.

Please visit our Commandments Page to download copies of God’s Ten Commandments in printable Hi-Res JPG format.  Also be sure to see selected studies of God’s Word.

It is our hope that you will find this site help full and informative. May God Bless you as you seek the answers to a closer walk with Him. Questions or comments please contact us.

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